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Hire Global, Vetted Talent & Teams for Sustainable Growth

We help you find, hire, and pay world-class remote talent and teams in 150 countries who speak in-language, work in your time zone, and are rigorously vetted. Join 1840 to accelerate and scale your business growth.

Customer Service Representative
Virtual Assistant
Data Entry Clerk
Graphic Designer
Social Media Manager
Web Developer
Content Writer
SEO Specialist
Medical Coder
Sales Representative
Video Editor
Marketing Specialist
Administrative Assistant
HR Coordinator
Software Developer
Technical Support Specialist
Project Manager
E-commerce Specialist
Research Analyst
IT Support Specialist
Lead Generation Specialist
Digital Marketing Strategist
Account Manager

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Revolutionizing the way we work

Hire Faster, Smarter, Global.

Modern Outsourcing

Streamline your business process with scalable, cost-effective, and innovative outsourcing solutions.

Staff Augmentation

Seamlessly integrate vetted freelancers into your team to bridge skill gaps and scale your workforce flexibly.

Direct Placement

Hire core employees with our direct placement support. We source, vet, and recommend the top candidates.

Access Skilled Talent Anywhere, with Our Global Talent Cloud

Our global talent cloud is a seamless blend of technological innovation and human expertise for a vetting process that sets a new standard in global talent acquisition.

Global Sourcing

We’ve built a diverse, worldwide talent pool sourced from 150 countries, including regions like Africa and Latin America for time-zone advantages, with over 16,000 professionals added monthly.

AI Intelligent Vetting

We’ve created a cutting-edge, AI-driven proprietary resume rating system, coupled with multi-faceted data attribute tagging, to sift through candidates with unprecedented precision.

Extensive Matching

We still use the irreplaceable value of human judgment for the final vetting stage, utilizing DDI Targeted Selection® certified interviewers to refine, validate, and perfect your ideal candidate matches.

We Help Businesses Scale to the Next Round

Trying to navigate growth alone limits your company’s ability to scale. We support you with the professional resources and services you need, so you can focus on creating value.

Series B to IPO

Series A

Seed Stage


Unlock the Future of Remote Talent Acquisition

We act as a seamless extension of your HR department, scaling human capital on demand and driving growth. But we’re more than just sourcing talent… We come along side you as trusted advisors–helping you navigate local benefits, payroll, taxes, compliance, risks, and other legal complexities.

Extend Your Runway, Reduce Burn Rate, & Fuel Growth

Our unique approach helps you reduce costs by as much as 70% compared to traditional hires. We offer variable costs (instead of fixed) and assist with material reduction of non-core expenses (like facilities, employees, equipment, software, etc.) that makes your company nimble.

Extend Your Runway

Reduce Long-term Costs

Scale Rapidly

AI Enhanced, Global Cloud Talent

Modern Talent Solutions for a Remote Workforce

Better Talent Acquisition

Our range of talent acquisition services, including recruiting, screening, and hiring, help you quickly hire top talent.

Access to Expertise

Access our wide range of expertise and resources typically not available to startups internally.

Reduced Costs

We help you remove structural costs, such as facilities, equipment, employes, and other burdens that hinder traction.

EOR & Compliance

Stay compliant with local labor laws and regulations, reducing the risk of costly legal penalties and disputes.


Scale services to meet your changing needs, making it easier than ever to manage fluctuations in headcount.

Data-driven insights

Get data and analvtics providing you with valuable insights into your HR practices and employee engagement.


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